psyjamie (psyjamie) wrote in astorianyc,

who wants a kitty?

as many of you, my fellow queensters, are aware we have a big feral cat problem in the area (as well as the rest of NYC).

my boyfriend and i where able to save three kittens off the street a few weeks ago. they are in foster care right now and looking for a careing home.

they are all males and have had their shoots and been nutered. if you can find it in your heart to take a kitten that would be great. if we can't find a place for them in the next few weeks, they will be going back out on the streets since all the shelters in the area are full (trust me i've called everybody) and we don't just want to drop them off at ACC (aka the pound) where they put cats to sleep.

please help! contact me for more info and pictures!

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